PC Format September 14 - Issue 295

Build a budget gaming machine for less than an Xbox One, 4K screen supertest, make your own tunes for free, pick the best game engine and much more!
PC Format September 14 - Issue 295

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In PC Format September Issue 295
It’s easy to take overclocking for granted in these days of expensive K-series chips and Turbo modes, back in the day the focus was notably different. It was about taking the cheapest processors around and giving them enough of a jolt to get them competing with more expensive slivers of silicon. It wasn’t exactly the good ol’ days, but it certainly had a bit more of a maverick feel to it than the glossy marketing spin that has recently been given to overclocking.
The exciting news is that Intel has made a knowing nod back to the overclocking Middle Ages with the release of the swanky new Pentium Anniversary Edition. This new Pentium chip is a mere £52 but can jostle for position with chips that cost three times as much… well, once you’ve ramped up the clocks on it using your virtual screwdriver. 
This, combined with the release of the AMD Kabini, makes for a great time to build a decent budget gaming machine. And when we say decent, we’re serious – this machine can take a next-generation console to task, and it’s cheaper as well. Pop it down next to your TV, and you’ll be more than happy.
In the latest issue we also take a look at the all the new 4K screens to see which one gets the nod from our eagle-eyed reviewer. On top of that we’ve got the latest SSDs from Samsung and SanDisk as well as loads of other great products in our labs. Plus you’ll find a great suite of tutorials designed to help you get the most from your machine – including creating your own music, optimising your boot process and securing your passwords.