PC Format July 14 - Issue 293

Throw out your hard drive!

PC Format July 14 - Issue 293

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In PC Format July 14 Issue 293:
The difference that a proper flight controller can make to the likes of Elite: Dangerous is simply incredible. It turns a sluggish, painful experience into a veritable joy. And as we’re about to enter another golden age of space sims with the imminent releases of Elite: Dangerous and Star Citizen, it’ll pay to grab the right hardware to experience these titles as their god-like makers intended. Which is why this issue we’ve grabbed some of the finest flight controllers around and pitched them against one another to see which ones are worth throwing your cash at.
Using the right hardware for the job holds true in other aspects of computing too - whether you’re talking graphics cards, CPUs or storage. This brings us neatly enough onto this month’s group test – yep, it’s time for us to visit the wonderful world of SSDs once again. The good news is that the latest SSDs give us plenty to get excited about – mostly due to the fact that prices have continued to tumble as manufacturers release new models and fight for market share. The days of tiny drives are very much behind us, and we’d suggest that 500GB drives are now within reach.
This issue we get our hands on a pair of new motherboards that have been built around Intel’s latest Z97 chipset. Apart from supporting the refresh of Intel’s 4th generation Core processors and the 5th generation chips as well, these motherboard boast support for next-gen

SSD interfaces, namely SATA Express and M.2.


On top of this, we’ve got plenty of reviews to sink your teeth into, tutorials on getting the most from Valve’s home streaming service as well as tech support hints and tips from Luis. It’s a great issue.