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PC Format January 14

PC Format January 14

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In PC Format January Issue 287
Battlefield 4 is best on PC. It looks better, runs better and will give you a much more compelling experience on the PC than it does on the Xbox One or the PS4. But what sort of cash do you need to drop on a PC in order to hit a consistent 60fps at 1080p (something neither of the next-generation machines can manage)? This issue we look at the component options available and build a machine that will produce an incredible gaming experience in any modern game as well as BF4. We also show you how to tweak BF4’s settings to get the most from it on any system.
This issue we also take a good look at the latest super high-resolutions screens from the major players. Whether you’re looking to get in on the 4K party early, or just want to make sure that the next upgrade for your eyes will last you, we've got a collection of the best screens around. We also look at the technologies driving the latest screen advances and show you how to calibrate your current screen to get the most from your games and movies.
This issue we’ve also got a swathe of tutorials that’ll show you how to get more form your machines. From setting up a machine to use as your own powerful web server through to using your rig to mine for Litecoins or getting more from your photo collections using Gimp. On top of that we show you the best way of installing an SSD in your machine and also show you how to optimise Windows.