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Computer Arts Presents: Pro Software Skills - InDesign

Computer Arts Presents: Pro Software Skills - InDesign

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Computer Arts Presents Pro Software Skills: In Design is a 116 page in-depth guide, designed to help creative professionals refine their print and publishing skills. Featuring 150 essential new techniques, you can learn how to work smarter and faster whilst speeding up your design workflow.

Get inspired by world-class print and digital design work from Mark Porter, Pentagram and Scott Dadich and discover tools and hidden shortcuts to help you boost your productivity.

Whether you spend your day laying out newspapers, magazines, brochures or reports - or are exploiting CS5.5's digital publishing capalities and designing for iPad - you'll find plenty of expert advice for getting more from InDesign at every stage of the production process.


  • Grids - Create more accurate, useful grids
  • Type - Get more from InDesign's type tools
  • Styles - How to achieve visual consistency
  • Templates - Free up your time and creativity
  • Print Prep - Never risk a bad print job again
  • Digital Publishing - Make the move into tablet design
  • Tool Guide - Know your way around the tool menus intimately
  • On the disc - Galleries, video training and free resources on your disc!

And much, much more!