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Fast Car April 14 - Issue 340

Fast Car April 14 - Issue 340

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In Fast Car April 14 Issue 340:

In this month’s Fast Car we speak to the man who turns supercars into hypercars with an angle grinder, and also get the WORLD EXCLUSIVE on his latest creation – the Liberty Walk Ferrari 458 Spider! With two sets of uber expensive rims, and a £25,000 bodykit it’s possibly the greatest modified car of all time!
If £200,000 supecars aren’t your thing we’ve got plenty of other features to ogle at including; a sick Scirocco, 1JZ-powered Caddy, lush 1 Series, 500bhp Focus RS, epic AE86 Toyota and a 750bhp homage to Audi’s 80’s motorsport legend the S1!
We’ve also been busy exploring the world for even more car culture, with trips to the Ahoy 100% Tuning show in Rotterdam and the UK’s largest motorsport event, Autosport. Damn, we’ve even got a slab of car culture from Hawaii!
There’s also a 4-page tech guide to turbos, a wrap battle, the freshest tuning products from around the universe and the award-winning Staff Projects section.