Classics Monthly September 14 Issue 220

Lotus Cortina 11-year DIY restoration. Superb Triumph 2000 estate restored using £40 of steel! Plus great tech, tips and money-saving advice
Classics Monthly September 14 Issue 220

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In Classics Monthly September Issue 220
There’s no shortage of Lotus Cortina fans keen to own an example of these revered machines, but dodging the fakes can be difficult. Meet the man who viewed six fakes before he found the original car he spent 11 years restoring to perfection. Another enthusiast used his skills and just £40 of sheet steel to restore his Triumph 2000 estate – the result is superb. 
Renowned for its rallying prowess, the Imp-engined Clan Crusader enjoys a cult following. We catch up with a particularly successful one. MG T-types command eye-watering prices and have done so for decades, prompting an ex-Triumph engineer to design the RMB Gentry, itself now a bona fide classic. We meet the cars and compare them on the Gentry’s 40th anniversary. In the early 70s, very large estate cars were unusual on British roads, so putting a Vauxhall Cresta PC and Citroen Safari together is a rare chance to compare two titans of their day. Project Traveller’s steel work is almost complete as the final sill, A- and B-post repairs are finished. Triumph Stag Rescue picks up further pace as Mike fits the front suspension, braking and steering components. Tech includes the stripdown of Project Traveller’s A-series engine. It’s not good news… 
Plus, how to cast your own car badges when the originals are obsolete. We also show you how to fit auxiliary lamp brackets for little money. Plus, our ever-popular 22-page staff diaries section is packed with more hands-on advice featuring classics owned by the team. Topics include fitting a Longman A-series head, welding a exhaust manifold, Triumph 2000 sill repairs, Land Rover steering relay and much more. Cars include Morris Minors, Peugeot 205, Austin A40, Davrian Mk8, Jaguar XJ6, RMB Gentry, MGB GT, Midget, Triumph TR6, Triumph Spitfire Mk3, Land Rover, Triumph TR7 Sprint, Peerless GT, Austin Healey Frogeye Sprite and more.