Classics Monthly May 14 Issue 215

Racing Green restorations – MGB GT Jubilee and 1926 Bentley 3-litre Speed, Spitfire, Land Rover, ethanol and 50 pages of tech!
Classics Monthly May 14 Issue 215

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In Classics Monthly May Issue 215
British Racing Green is synonymous with British classics. Our polar opposite BRG restorations have one thing in common – DIY restorations by dedicated enthusiasts. The 1926 Bentley was bought in 1965 for £300 and is being restored in a lock-up garage! The rare MGB GT Jubilee limited edition car was also restored at home and is now one of the best examples you’ll find. Triumph’s Spitfire is a popular first restoration choice. Its owner/restorer is no stranger to Triumphs, and made his experience count by turning a project bought in boxes into a stunner. Our massive 50-page tech section includes the latest on ethanol E10 in UK fuels and how to combat its adverse effects. Land Rover Series and Defenders suffer from footwell corrosion. Part 1 of this step-by-step repair also includes A-post replacement. We demonstrate DIY braided hoses for a fraction of the cost of buying off-the-shelf. Door handles and locks are prone to wear and tear – how to dismantle and rebuild a typical assembly. Lever arm dampers leak causing all sorts of handling problems. Our DIY rebuild guide shows how to make them leak-free again. One clever enthusiast has combined British styling with German engineering to create his ideal Morris MS Six ‘Engenius’ tow car with a Mercedes engine. And, our Project Traveller gets its first trial fit of the new ash frame!
Product Test: Trolley jacks – the garage essentials that when called upon, have to deliver. Our ever-detailed Triumph Stag Rescue episode includes more body prep work to achieve a perfect finish. Our 20-page staff diaries section is packed with hands-on advice featuring classics owned by the team. Topics include new Land Rover S3 bulkhead outrigger, Morris Minor wing repairs, TR7 fuel tank bodge, Landcrab floorpan repairs and more. Cars include Lancia Stratos replica, Morris Minors, Peugeot 205, Austin A40, Davrian Mk8, Jaguar XJ6, RMB Gentry, MGB GT, Midget, Triumph TR6, Triumph Spitfire Mk3, Land Rover, Triumph TR7 Sprint, Peerless GT and more.