Classic Ford July 14 Issue 213

Classic Fords with the power to match the style.
Classic Ford July 14 Issue 213

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In Classic Ford July 14 Issue 213:
Style is nothing without power, a wise man might possibly have once said.
In the July 2014 issue of Classic Ford we follow that mantra to the max with six Fords hellbent on going fast while looking good about it. From a 230 bhp, normally-aspirated Cosworth Mk1 Escort, to a Harris Crossflow-powered Anglia, genuine Mk2 Lotus Cortina, Supercharged Mk1 Fiesta and a project Mk1 Capri V8 all the way from Australia, we’ve definitely got the power. 
Prefer your classic Fords (a little) more sedate? How about a rare Mk4 Zodiac Farnham Estate plus a full buyer’s guide on the Mk2 Granada? 
On the tech front we reveal all the options when choosing an LSD for your project, show 10 easy steps to dropping a Zetec engine into your Capri, and provide the lowdown on tuning and improving the Prefect 107E. 
All this plus Simon Mckinley’s infamous, Warrior 16-valve powered Mk2 Escort, cars, parts and projects for sale in our free Readers’ Classifieds pages, and the finest photography you’ll find in a Ford magazine.