Classic Ford April 14 Issue 210

The period that changed the modified classic Ford scene for the better, a profile of the up & coming Mk4 Escort and upgrading your rear brakes on a budget
Classic Ford April 14 Issue 210

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In Classic Ford April 14 Issue 210:

Back in the late 1980s, modified classic Fords started to appear which didn't resemble anything seen before in the UK custom scene. Gone were the Lakes pipes, jacked-up rears and crushed velvet interiors. Instead these Street Machines ran low suspension, minimal bodywork add-ons, and interiors if not standard, often borrowed elements from the up-and-coming hot-hatch scene. One thing that did carry over though was the choice of engines. Frequently, the bigger the better and Ford V6s reigned supreme. This issue of Classic Ford is dedicated to that period, which changed the modified classic Ford scene for the better. Only all the feature cars in this issue (bar one special case in the form of a pastel blue Mk1 Escort, built 20 years ago, but given it’s first feature here) are 'new' builds, where the owners have deliberately or otherwise recreated the look of that time — the V6-powered Mk1 Cortina, 2-litre, fuel-injected Pinto, Fast Road Anglia 105E and Cosworth Capri all fit the bill perfectly.

Hungry for tech and buying advice? We profile the up-and—coming Mk4 Escort, and show you what to look for, reveal how you can upgrade your rear brakes on a (tight) budget, and provide sound tuning tips for the stylish Mk3 Cortina.

All this plus an awesome hillclimb and sprint-spec Mk1 Fiesta, a stunning Anglia 100E restoration, cars, parts and projects for sale in our free Readers’ Classifieds pages, and the finest photography you’ll find in a Ford magazine.