Craft Beer: The 365 Best Beers In The World

A guide to the 365 best beers in the world! Everything you need to know.
Craft Beer: The 365 Best Beers In The World

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There's never been a more exciting time for beer lovers. The craft beer revolution is sweeping the globe. Where there was once bland, mass-produced brews, there's now a world of new tastes and flavours. This all-new 172 page bookazine will help you discover new beers you'll love. There's a whole year's worth in fact. Our experts have picked the 365 best beers on the planet, taking in every season, occasion and taste. It's the ultimate guide for anyone who enjoys beer. Expert tasting notes and perfect food matches will help you appreciate what you drink. You'll come away from this bookazine not just wanting to try new brews but also knowing more about beer - from how to taste it to the history of iconic breweries. It all adds up to a special celebration of beautiful beer and means you never need drink another bad pint...


  • Find your new favourite beers for every season and style
  • Get our expert tasting notes for hundreds of exceptional beers.
  • Know more about beer: how to pour, taste and explore new styles
  • The stories behind the beer - find out more about the history of classic beers and breweries plus interviews with famous brewers
  • Learn how to match beer to its perfect food partner with sensational results
  • Celebrate the passion and innovation behind the craft beer revolution



Published: November 2013


Dimensions: 232 x 300mm