What Mountain Bike

What Mountain Bike

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What Mountain Bike is the magazine for all cross-country and trail riders. Written by the most respected team in the business, What Mountain Bike shows readers what to ride, where to ride and how to ride. Packed with inspiring writing and photography, it's an essential ingredient in any mountain biker's diet.

You'll receive 13 issues during a 1 year What Mountain Bike magazine subscription.

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From the Editor

You might think our name says it all, but in order to tell you what mountain bikes are the best, we first need to tell you why - and that's where our experts excel.

What Mountain Bike Acting Editor!

We test the best of the new bikes, parts and riding gear every month, and we tell you exactly why they're good (or bad), what they're best suited for and if you're actually better off with something else. And we don't stop there. We're constantly investigating all angles of biking - we take the myths, the marketing and the internet voodoo and test it to see if it's true. Our features are unique, and regularly combine strong product testing with important myth-busting and gorgeous photography. We don't take anything at face value, and we're here to tell you what's going to bring the most pleasure - whether you ride big cross-country miles, hardcore trail thrashes or anything in between - and why it matters. So if you want to keep up with the very latest in mountain biking, learn how to get the best from your bike, suspension and riding, understand exactly what makes one frame, set of wheels or fork better than another and generally be inspired to ride, What Mountain Bike is the magazine for you.

Steve Williams Editor - What Mountain Bike