PhotoPlus June 14 - Issue 88

Canon D-SLR Skills from sunrise to sunset, prime lenses for portraits tested, shooting underwater sea life + new projects
PhotoPlus June 14 - Issue 88

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In PhotoPlus June Issue 88
This issue we equip you with the key Canon D-SLR skills you need to make the most of the beautiful light at dawn and dusk, plus why you shouldn't pack away your camera gear during the  midday sunshine. Also inside, our Apprentice goes scuba diving with her D-SLR and learns how to take stunning shots of sea life, we help a PhotoPlus reader buy a new fast prime lens for portrait shots, and test eight camera backpacks.
We also have some great new D-SLR and Photoshop projects to try in our Skills section, from taking artistic scenic shots to mastering depth of field for better wildlife shots. And don’t miss Part 3 of Your New Canon EOS D-SLR Guide for some simple explanations of all the exposure modes.