MacFormat Sept 2014 - Issue 277

30 creative projects to do with your Mac, Google Glass tested, and tons of tutorials and reviews!
MacFormat Sept 2014 - Issue 277

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In MacFormat September Issue 277
Need to keep the kids (or yourself) entertained during the summer holidays? Never fear: we’ve got 30 brilliant creative projects that you can accomplish using your Mac, from making golden tickets, key rings and fridge magnets to creating your own outdoor cinema and making your own rap song! 
If you’ve already created something though, such as a novel, music album, photography or crafts, this month we’ve got the tips that allow you to show off your stuff using your Mac, to maybe even make a bit of hard-earned cash in the process. We also caught up with someone who’s a self-confessed ‘Glasshole’ – a convert to Google Glass, that is! What’s Glass really like to wear? Was it distracting or enjoyable? What was the public’s reaction? 
Of course, we also have a ton of kit and hardware reviews, and a first-rate range of tutorials and advice to make your Mac life as simple (or enjoyably complex) as possible. We hope you enjoy the issue!