MacFormat August 2014 - Issue 276

A photo editing masterclass for iPhone and Mac, our WWDC ’14 Keynote reaction, how to ‘get’ Yosemite today, plus tons of reviews!
MacFormat August 2014 - Issue 276

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MacFormat August Issue 276
We’re in the height of summer, and whether that for you means holidays, trips to the beach or just catching a few rays in the garden or the park, odds are, you’re going to take a few snapshots along the way. Naturally you’ll be shooting them with your iPhone – the camera that travels with you everywhere – but what happens to them after that? Don’t let them get forgotten in your Camera Roll: surely you want to export them to your Mac and edit them to perfection, right? That’s where we come in. We’ve got all the top tips and pointers to both shooting and editing great photos, from initial framing and what iOS apps you should be using down to how to edit sad snaps on your Mac so they’re ready for framing. 
This month we also analyse the WWDC Apple Keynote – what was said, and what does it tell us about Apple? And on the topic of announcements, we all know about OS X Yosemite is very much happening, but how can you get it (or features very similar to it) on your Mac now? 
Of course, we also have a ton of kit and hardware reviews, including the mid-2014 21-inch iMac (is it really ‘cheap’?) and a round up of big desktop drives: yes, size matters, but what else can they offer? Plus finally, let’s not forget our superb range of tutorials and advice to make your Mac life as simple (or enjoyably complex) as possible. We hope you enjoy the issue!