The 50 Best Business Leaders

A complete guide to the 50 best business leaders.
The 50 Best Business Leaders

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Here is your complete guide to the 50 best business leaders, with details on their triumphs and failures, from Walt Disney to JP Morgan, Jack Welch to Steve Jobs and many more.

Features include:

  • The Ultimate rich list - Learn how today's most successful business leaders stack up against their historical counterparts.
  • The history of business - Trace the origins of business in the Western world, from 9th century medieval Europe to the present day. 

  • Branding the Branson way - In an age of celebrity, business leaders are learning how to promote self image for profit.
  • The best business biographies - The books that tell the highly inspirational stories of the most successful people in business. 

  • Mistakes: We've made a few - Some of the most iconic companies in the history of business have made their fair share of howlers.

  • The history of philanthropy - The practice of businesses donating billions to worthy causes has a long history and is still prevalent today.

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