Sweet 4

Make, Bake and celebrate!
Sweet 4

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Sweet! Your best ever baking starts here with tempting cosy cakes for autumn. Seasonal secrets and delicious ideas for an autumnal twist to your latest bakes. 

Make, bake and celebrate! That’s our motto. If there’s a special occasion, we’re right there with the cakes and the mood to match. 

This time we’re preparing for autumn, foraging in hedgerows, using seasonal berries and fruits to decorate our cakes. 

Delicious chocolate and caramel cheesecake from Linda Lomelino, seasonal bakes using cherries, blackberries, apples, and more foraged fruits. 

Try Jessica Haggerty's White Night cake, or Stacie Stewart's Beehive Black cake. 

Plus interviews with Sarah Mayor, author of The Farmhouse Cookbook, and Fiona Pearce, sugarcrafter extraordinaire.

Published: August 2013

Pages: 130