Urban Cyclist - Print Edition

Urban Cyclist - Print Edition


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Urban Cyclist is for riders who appreciate style over speed and who ride in the city for the joy of it. Every issue is packed with bikes and gear for all tastes, features on the most fascinating aspects of cycling culture and beautiful photography.

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From the Editor

Much of what defines urban cycling is personal style. Instead of telling you which bottle cage is the lightest or how to go faster, we’ll help you find the gear and bike that suits your style and riding. Our product and bike reviews are backed by decades of experience and based on one simple principle –we give you the same advice as we’d give our best friend. That means you can buy with confidence.

The term urban cycling covers a lot of ground and that’s something that we embrace. Every issue features a diverse selection with something to suit every taste and every budget. If, like us, you simply love bikes, all bikes, Urban Cyclist is for you.

Between the gear and the bikes we pack in features with beautiful photography chronicling widely disparate aspects of urban cycling culture from Las Vegas to Tuscany via Bristol and London. Every issue is a celebration of the joy of cycling. 


*You will receive 4 issues per year with an Urban Cyclist subscription. Our £15 print subscription price is a UK only offer and saves you 37% on the UK cover price. Overseas customers can also get great offers through www.myfavouritemagazines.co.uk and through our digital edition on the App Store.