Rhythm - Print Edition

Rhythm - Print Edition

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About the Roots of Rock Drumming

Presented in a coffee table style with rare and beautiful photographs, this behind-the-scenes look at the origins of rock and roll drumming (1948-1965) told by many of the groundbreaking drummers who were there and took part in the creation of the music, belongs in the library of anyone with any interest in drumming or rock music. As the originators of rock music age, this book, and the interviews it contains, are a time capsule of those early, exciting days. The included DVD contains three hours of extra footage, taking the viewer on an engaging, informative, funny, and sometimes poignant trip through the history of rock music. Over 10 years in the making, this is one of the most important historical projects about the art of drumming that has ever been produced, and the most complete document of early rock n roll drumming.

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Rhythm - Digital Editions

Rhythm Digital edition

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